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Amazing Meatloaf

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If you have not tried this recipe yet you should. I just made it today and was just thrilled at how good it is. No doubt the best meatloaf I have ever had.


The only things I did different is I did not foil it, just put it on a mesh mat and into the smoker. And I cooked to 165 degrees instead of the 140 in the recipe.

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Smoked meatloaf is the only way to cook meatloaf! Mix of cherry and pecan woods for smoke oh yeah! Tasty!
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I used hickory, I'll try cherry/pecan next time. Thanks.
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Smoked loaf is great
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I agree , time for meatloaf  and  'Taters' . Got to have Gravy (I like the Tomato Sauce type) , and good old Sweet Tea! Oh, and Peach Cobbler. 

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Smoked meatloaf rulz!!! I also mix tiny cubes of cheese in my mixture. Never thought of the potato chip idea though. That sounds yummy.
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Cheese sounds good!

The potato chips added great flavor and allowed a couple of family members that ate gluten free enjoy it!
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We're finishing off the last of my 4 lb Italian Meatball Meatloaf I smoked last Sunday.  The taters I smoked at the same time are already gone.  Love smoked meatloaf. 

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