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Should I cut my brisket in half?

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I went to a local meat distributor and bought a 10lb brisket not realizing how big it would be. Would it be better to cut it into 2 5lbers? Will they cook faster? I'm stoked to try out my first brisket.
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Don't cut it. You'll like the whole packer better. If you're new to smoking, there are basically 3 types of brisket; the point, the flat and the packer. The packer is both the point and flat before they're separated38.gif.

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Hello , Mommytana . Welcome to our world.


And yes, you can cut the Brisky in half . It will then cook in approximately 7to 8 hrs. , however that is subjective to a lot of variables . Cooking heat, Weather , amount of fat on the Meat (can be lessened to reduce the Smoking time - but leave some for moisture .


Put a good 'Rub'on it (I like to use simple S/CBP ) . Hard to beat S/P ( Beef seems to need a good amt. of Pepper and the Salt helps in Smokering production when you use chips/chunks/sticks ( cut to smaller sizes).


Expect to have a long cook , you never know how the Meat will cook. Start earlier and if it gets done sooner than you need (the same day) it will hold in Foil and a large towel and placed in a cooler to rest and finish cooking.


Have fun and . . .

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Well I guess this a non point since I just opened my bag of brisket to find not ONE 10lb piece like I requested but TWO 5lb pieces. Thanks for the advice everyone hopefully these are still good.
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Post Pics of your smoke and progress!!!!

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