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homemade sausage stuffer

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I am working on building a sausage stuffer. I have a 5 foot section of schedule 80 6 inch cpvc, and all the fittings required. I have my water port at the one end and all of the other end complete. Now I am working on the piston. I have a friend with a lathe and I got a piece of 6 inch round nylon stock to turn down to fit the ID of the pipe. Can anyone help me in determining the clearances for the piston. How much clearance should I have for the piston, and what should the o-ring size be. The ID of the pipe is 5.8 inches. Please help. Thanks

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This should help you figure out what o-ring, and size to use..... don't forget to figure in the durometer....
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Did you get this built yet?? would like to see some pics if so. 


Good luck



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