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Trying a brisket

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After doing a lot of ribs, pork shoulder and chicken this summer I decided to try my hand at a brisket. I did one last year for a bbq but I got it from the grocery store and I'm pretty sure it was already pumped with brine etc for corned beef. I hit up a nice old school Italian butcher nearby and found a full packer. I didn't need the whole thing, it was 17lbs and the old guy was going to give it to me for $65. He offered instead to cut it in half and I got about 10lbs for $30 even. He just cut it so I had the big part, point and flat together.


I trimmed some of the fat, rubbed with a little olive oil, a mixture of cracked black pepper, regular black pepper, sea salt and kosher salt and a touch of cayenne.


Stuck it in the smoker at midnight. I'll get up around 8 and check it. I don't plan on foiling. I'm smoking at around 225. I'm using oak, a mixture of the dust and pellets in my AMNPS. We'll see what happens.


By the way, can't say enough good things about Amazn products. I ordered a bunch of dust and pellets on Tuesday and they were delivered Thursday.

Here's the brisket after rubbing and about an hour in, as i wanted to check the temp before I went to bed.


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Checked it at 8 hours in and has an IT of about 173. Although it's already completely black, it still looks really moist. I'm guessing this is because A. I put it in fat cap up and/or B. I don't use a waterpan but it's currently raining a bit and some moisture is affecting it. Not too worried. If it keeps raining I can switch to oven.

Question: about how long does the amazn dust (oak) take to burn through? I had two rows of the anmps filled with dust and one row with pellets. Lit both ends to get a little extra smoke at the beginning. At 8 this morning dust was already burned through but the pellets seemed to go out. I nuked them all for a minute to dry them out before starting but the rain must have got to the pellets. I usually have good luck with my mailbox mod. My first time using the oak.
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That is one thick brisket! Am I just judging it wrong or is that thing a good 4 or 5 inches or better? You're in for a good long cook so don't feel bad about reloading the AMZN. Best of luck.
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Yeah, it's huge. I'd say it might be closer to 6. It's the big end, point and flat together. About to check it again. I don't really have plans for it except eating a bit today and taking the rest to work this week. It's more about the journey than the destination right? ( I guess not with delicious meat)
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