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Tips for making jerky in smokehouse

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Howdy all,

I'm looking to make jerky in my smokehouse. Any tips on getting the temp/airflow just right? I am making a smokehouse with a 55 gal drum for a SFB. Also attaching a mailbox for a future AMNPS.
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YEP...... have an air inlet to adjust the fire..... and an air inlet to let in ambient air to control the temp.....
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Dave,  Can you please explain what you said here in a way someone that has no idea what you said would understand?  lol  I'm laughing but serious.  I have the offset smoker in my profile picture and when I make jerky the temp goes up to 275 and I normally burn a few pieces on the botton 2-3 racks.  the top 3 racks some out great.  So if you could try to expalin what you men, I would really appreciate it.   

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Upper and lower air inlets... upper inlet to allow for the addition of cool air, it moves the heat from the FB to the CC and also cools the CC...... Lower air inlet to control the air to the fire....

.. ..
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Hey Dave,  That was excellent.  I'm still a beginner so I'm learning all of the time.  This was a big help.  I didn't realize the air inlets (didn't know that's what they are called either) made a difference between high and low.  My first box has only a low air inlet on it.  I do have difficulties getting the temp to stay at about 160 degrees.  So in theory adding a high air inlet might help me?  I think my firebox maybe to small to fit an additional vent.  I will keep this in mind when I go to build my smoke house. 


I've seen a number of great smokehouse build threads here, like this one.  Do you recommend where a can get some building plans?

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Pictures would help.....
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