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Just Getting Started

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Hey Everyone,

I am a newbie!!  We just got a Smokin-it smoker and I just seasoned it and am ready to get started...

I hope I come across some great tips here...:sausage:


John from CT

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Welcome to the board, and start reading! Use the Search to find what others have been doing with your model of smoker.

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Hey John, hello and welcome from East Texas


Gary S

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Welcome John, and congrats on the new smoker!


Whatta you going to christen it with?? :)

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Thanks!! I certainly will...I love the smell of hickory all day!!:439:

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I'm thinking a nice pork shoulder!! About a 5 pounder to start.... :drool:

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Decided on a pork butt!!!




Just smokin' away.......getting hungry!

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Looking Good !!!


gary S

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Welcome, might I suggest some ABT's in there so you can have a snack from that baby while waiting hours and hours and hours and smelling that fine smell that will drive you nuts? Just did one yesterday, well and today I guess. Running on about 3 hours sleep at the moment. haha...

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Thread Starter turned out delicious....maybe could have cut down on smokiness if we wrapped it about halfway through...but it was mmm mmm good!

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Well done John, looks amazing!

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That is some nice looking bark on there. If I may ask what wood did you use for smoke? You could use a less strong tasting wood for the next time depending on what you used. Also the smoke in your smoker picture looks a little white. That could have been the seasoning run though as I don't know, but if the smoke looks like this during a long smoke you could have got a little creosote buildup and that would cause it to be too smoky. Just a couple of ideas for you to chew on.

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Looks Good !!!  Smokiness is something you will have to play with, different woods and amounts.


Gary S

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