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Great job!
I love fresh fish. That was truely a bounty and a feast for Kings and Queens.
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Hi Wes! And how fantastic on your next find!!! That is terrific!


I freeze the striper by itself, in bags, (ziplock, freezer) - no water involved.


As for scaling, I use a knife to "start" the process and scrape it backward (toward me) or just "lift" it in one tiny patch or area some, and then start scraping all that off with my hands, and alternating with the back of a knife and my hands.


I have 3 small dogs who hover around and one choked some once on ONE tiny little scale that fell on the ground, which he snatched up. And so, while I have it down to a rhythm of sorts, scaling within a short time to a degree, I could scale faster and just let the scales go all over the porch and hose it down later if not terrified about the dogs getting them and so perhaps you can do it much speedier. I work somewhat carefully. making sure all scales stay on a table and then I clean it up. It is a process, but worth it! Indeed.


The dorsal fins or pointy parts at the top - and some blackness etc., can be VERY sharp and cut one horribly while handling and scaling. I don't know if you found that out yet but I sure did the hard way! Smiles. Otherwise I was OK with it, but will be careful next time with those daggers!


You are so blessed to have another fish!!! That is exciting and I'd love to hear how it goes, tastes, and such! So fun!


I see my fishermen pals tomorrow ironically, and so here's hoping that fine luck abounds for all of them with fish, since they have been so very generous and given away some of theirs to me. (They certainly deserve to keep them this time and for themselves). But what fun!


OK, I do hope this helps. Have delicious fun! I am happy to help always, whenever or however I can.


OH, and thank you dear Chef for your comment too! (Jeramy). I appreciate that tons!


Happy weekend to all!!! Cheers!!!!!! - Leah

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Wow , Leah :icon_exclaim: I have no comment :cool:.


Have fun and as always . . .

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Why thank you Oldschoolbbq! Off to the beach shortly, as to go visit the fishermen who have so graciously given me the last two stripers! May they catch one for themselves today therefore!


Happy weekend!!!!! Cheers! - Leah

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First of all you need a bigger smoker but your taste in wine is perfect!! The owner of Far Niente was from Muskogee Oklahoma and then ended up in the Napa Valley. Not bad for an Okie!! Same place I was born!!

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Hi mds51!


And how fun! Small world! (On winos). Come join our "winos & woodchips" group by the way, (up in the "groups" section) if you have not done such already. We have great fun!


Yes, I need a larger smoker and larger grill! I want to do this whole striper that I grill and then light on fire afterword, and it requires some bigger machines.


Anyway, many thanks and cheers to you! - Leah

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