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Getting ready to smoke!

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I've got about 4 lbs to smoke of a pork loin, hope to eat by 1900 hrs,when should I start? Hope to be in that 235-250 degree range. First time smoker, long time eater.
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There is no set time every piece of meet is like a woman, it does what it wants. LOL


Good rule of thumb though is 1.5 hours per pound.So you are looking at 5 to 6 hours. I would start a little early. You can always wrap in foil and stick in a cooler if it gets done early.

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I hear ya. I was basically looking for the 1.5 hour pet pound, I was also told about a 1/2 hour per pound. So like with my wife, I'll just guess
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I've just completed my first smoke, damn good. Keeping the heat was difficult, I planned for 4 hours actually was about five. Thinking I need to keep it stoked and adjust the air intake. Waiting for the next opportunity!!!!
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pork loins usually go pretty quick... about 45 minutes per Lb ... what kind of smoker are you using ?? how are you monitoring temps in said smoker ?? did you cook the loin to an IT (internal temp) ?? if so.. what temp ?? and again.. how did you measure that temp.. ??
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IT was @ 155, used a digital thermometer. But heat in the box varied between 200 and 300, struggled to keep at 250. But ultimately in the end it was delicious and everybody enjoyed. So for a first effort, I'll take it.
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Excellent.. glad your first cook was a success
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