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bagging butts

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I want to smoke a couple of butts on Friday. but I'm not eating them until Saturday evening. my plan is to bag them,
wrap them in towels, and throw them in a cooler. my question is, how long can you leave them in the oven bags and will they still be hot the next day? I don't want them drying out
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If you are going to make pulled pork I would smoke and pull as usual and reheat the next day. Pulled pork reheats really well. I reheat in an electric roaster. Crock pots or the oven work well too.

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I would put them in the fridge and reheat them the next day

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yea... they are not gonna hold at 140` or better for that long ... gonna have to refrigerate and reheat ....
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Even if they held that long, which they wouldn't, the flavor would be degraded.


Pull them while still warm.


Store the pulled meat until it cools down.


If you bag even warm meat, you will get condensation.


Pulled pork is one of the easiest things to reheat with success and without flavor degradation.


Good luck and good smoking.

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You are doing it all right, except don't tag 'em and bag 'em.


The very best way to ensure you have pulled pork at the appointed hour is to smoke it the day before. The pork is NOT as good the day you smoke it as the next day. Its like beans, or chili, or dumplins, or stew.


Smoke it, pull it, add a very little bit of Chef JJ's Famous Finishing Sauce. Its the perfect compliment to pulled pork!


Then bag the pulled pork till the next day. Like Venture suggests, after its all cooled down.


The next day, use a crockpot and warm the pulled pork, and adjust the moisture with the finishing sauce. It has spices and oils in it that make the pulled pork cause the taste buds (and budettes), to shout in ecstasy in your mouth.


Its the only way I'll serve pulled pork now. Folks used to rave about my pulled pork, then I found JJ's Famous Finishing Sauce and if ya don't watch 'em, they are putting an extra sammie in their pockets for later.


That is how I would handle your dilemma. Don't thank me, just send money. LOL 

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Thanks everyone. Looks like I'll be pulling them Friday. I always assumed they were best right after the pull.
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Originally Posted by Spence34 View Post

Thanks everyone. Looks like I'll be pulling them Friday. I always assumed they were best right after the pull.

These guys got you covered.

The bark is best the day of the cook, sometimes its the cooks treat while cooking

Foam has the same observations as me, sometimes... not all... but sometimes, you get a better product the next day, the smoke mellows but seems more apparent if that makes sense.


One suggestion I would like to make is to reserve your drippings, strain them real good and place them in the refrigerator over night, the next day when you go to heat your pork up, defat the drippings warm up and taste, if the taste is OK incorporate this into your finishing sauce or just use as is.


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