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Being paid in wood

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Last week I posted that my wife had volunteered me for a smoke job for a co-worker of hers and even told her that he wont want paid for it. Ugh!  When the lady picked up her meat, we were talking and she said that they had some peach and pair trees on the farm that they were going to cut down and she asked if I can use that wood in my smoker. That's a no brainer. They were just going to pile it and burn it! She called last night and said that her husband is going to also cut down a Mulberry and asked if I wanted it also. They are going to cut them down and they are mine for the taking. I obviously was elated. The one caveat is that she asked my wife when I was going to smoke again because they have some more meat they would like done. Won't be a problem as it seems like a pretty good trade off, as long as I have room.   

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WIN, they say. Sounds like a great barter to me! 

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Good on ya, Pellet!  One good deed turns into lots of tasty fruitwood!  Congrats on the score...Thumbs Up



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