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JJ's au jus questions

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I'm doing a prime rib this weekend for Father's Day and I want to make ChefJJ's au jus, wondering if 6 cups of liquid in the smoker is going to give me problems with keeping AMNPS lit?  I have never used water in the smoker yet.  Does anyone heat the broth before dumping in pan in the smoker to keep temps up?

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Typically the Au Jus will be above the AMNPS.  Airflow should send the moisture up towards the vent and not have an impact on the AMNPS.  I haven't had any problems in my electric "ECB"


I haven't heard anyone specifically say they preheat the liquid, but it would help reduce the temp. drop.

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Well I set up the mailbox mod tonight so I'm not worried about excess moisture anymore. I think I will still bring the liquid to a summer before putting it in the smoker though.
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I always preheat any liquid that goes in the water pan. Ernie

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Originally Posted by OLDEBOONE View Post

I always preheat any liquid that goes in the water pan. Ernie

Makes sense to me so I heated the broth too and it worked well. Thanks.
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What's the link to CheffJJ's au jus? His finising sauce is amazing so i"ll have to try this.




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