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Baby Backs on my weber Kettle

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So yesterday I decided that I wanted ribs for dinner. We were going to have two friends over also so I decided to go grab some Baby Back Ribs. And since I hadn't done it for a while I opted to do them on my Kettle rather then the WSM just to see if I could turn out a decent product.



So I cut them in to half rack sizes and put them on the kettle. I have a half ring of charcoal on the other side of the grill with some apple 

wood chunks on. 



Here they are about half way in just about to be foiled.


And here is the finished product just setting some glaze on them.



They came out great. Normally I would have done these on my WSM but this was just a different way to do the same thing.

I smoked them at 250 deg for 2-2-1. The taste and texture was just what I was looking for. 


And if your going to have ribs for dinner you should have 


Blue Berry Pie and Ice Cream for desert.

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Nice looking baby backs!!


I still do a lot on my Weber just because its easy to work with

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Wow, looks great.

The blueberry pie threw me over the edge.

Thanks for sharing.

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