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2nd try at spare ribs

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Well a couple weeks ago i smoked my first ribs trying the 3-2-1 method and they did not turn out that great. The taste was ok but the look wasn't good at all. So yesterday i tried another rack we still had in the freezer and let me tell you they turned out great. I didn't do the 3-2-1 method and just had them on the rack with mesquite smoke the whole time, about 6 hrs. This time i haf temp around 230-245. I think my temp probe was going bad last time so my temp was off. I put a little Worcestershire sauce then added my salt, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, seasoning salt and brown sugar. Then sprayed with apple juice about every 45 min. Also did some wings just cause i had them.
About half way done...
Finished product....
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Nice smoke ring! Very nice looking ribs.
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Thanks bosox
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Those are some great looking ribs!

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I'm getting away from the 321. Overdone. I want the perfect bite. Also striving for the TBS. Trying turbinado sugar this time.

Any more pointers. They look great.

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I only wrap BBs because I find them more temperamental than spares.  Spares, I quit wrapping.  I like the bark, smoke ring, tenderness and flavor better unwrapped with the spares. 

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How much time on the spares and what temp. I'm using a modified semi ecb, chunk charcoal with apple/cherry wood.

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I wet smoke spares at 225-235F so you're right in the ballpark with your 230-245F temp.  My wife and I prefer hickory or mesquite, the stronger woods.  Apple was too mild.  I only spritz 2-3 times during the smoke with apple cider.  Smoke time is usually 5.5-6.5 hours, depending on the size of the racks.  I always try to get racks close to the same weight.  I don't trim, personal preference.  I determine when they are done by the drawup on the bone (about half an inch) and the bend test.


Ribs are one of my easiest smokes.  I can set and forget, spritz occasionally, and check when they are done.  Since I started smoking unwrapped I have not had even a single over done rack of ribs.

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When you say wet smoke you filling a water pan?

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Yes.  A wet smoke uses a water pan.  Water helps the meat absorb more smoke flavor. 

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I did use my water pan too. I like to trim them just to have a snack before the ribs are done :)
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I am going to be chasing the TBS. Food turns out almost black.

anything on that?

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