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Smoked Beef Back Ribs

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Smoked some Beef Back Ribs Monday and forgot to post some pics.


On the smoker (ECB) with EVOO and Smokin' Guns Sweet Heat rub at 225 degrees.


Finished ribs with caramelized TJ's Bold & Smokey Kansas City Style BBQ sauce.


Had a salad (sorry, no pic), some macaroni salad and a nice cold beer.


Have to say, these came out delicious and tender.  Smoked them for 4 hours to an IT of 170 degrees.  Not as much meat as short ribs, but much more flavor and very tender.

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Sounds and looks very good!


Thumbs Up Nice smoke!

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Beauty! I could go for some of that right about now. Nice job.
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Looks really good!  :drool  I'd sure eat it  :icon_mrgreen:

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Great job , I love a Fred Flintstone rib.

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