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Ham help

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hello all,

Ok, I've got a 22lb fresh ham that's been brining for 9 days today. I'm planning on pulling it out of the brine early Monday morning, letting it dry for a couple hours, and then smoking it for dinner Monday evening.

Question 1. Am I giving myself enough time for drying/cooking to eat it Monday, or should I take it out Sunday night to dry in the fridge?

Question 2. I have a Bradley Digital smoker, How long and at what temp should I smoke this bad dad?

Question 3. Does anyone have recommendations on how much smoke? the whole time? part of the time?


Yeah, I'm relatively new to smoking a ham, and never even seen on this big. :)

Thanks for any help in advance!

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I'm not an expert on ham but that seems like a big ham to dry cook and eat all in 1 day!

I'm sure someone with more experience will chime in but even at 30 mins a pound you are at 11 hours!
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Yeah, thinking I may pull it out and let in sit in the fridge overnight Sunday, then put it in the smoker real early Monday, there will definitely be leftovers galore.
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What brine did you use?

Have you used this brine before?

I would pull it now. Do a test fry to check for the salt level.

If its too salty, soak in water to draw out some if the salt.

Then rest in fridge till very early Monday morning.
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I used 3 gallons of water
2cups of kosher salt
2 1/2 cups of brown sugar
3 tbs of pink salt

I'll do that, thanks for the help.
How long and what temp should I smoke it at? And how long should I run the smoke?
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I run smoke the whole time.

I smoke at 275.
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Nine days in the brine doesn't sound like enough time to me. I know some brines are stronger than others but I just made a 22 lber last month and it was in the brine for 28 days. I took around 18 hours to smoke.

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Here is a very informative and great thread for what you are doing.

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