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Meat loaf tonight.

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Had about 2# of what they say is 86/14 added 2 eggs, handful of oatmeal, and I found what I had in the fridge for veggies, onion, celery, mushrooms, orange and green peppers, broccoli stems, I cut up the veggies and run them through the ninja food chopper with some salt, black pepper, chili powder, ended up with a bit over a cup pureed veggie. Also found 3 slices of bacon we had from hot dog night, chopped half of it up and added, mixed well laid out on pan rubbed the top with molasses and sprinkled some BBQ beef rub on and laid the bacon on top.

Preheated the Rec Tec Pellet cooker to 225 and put in, the cooker ran about 233 ish but it cooked for about 2:15 minutes until it hit 165 internal.

As I was taking it out of the fridge I almost dropped the pan, it looked prettier before the mishap, but anyhow it cleaned up some stuff in the fridge and turned out really good, even if it wasn't pretty.



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The taste is your goal ; the mess made in the fridge is nothing compared to the after digestion part.:ROTF 


All kidding aside , it looks yummo.


Have fun and . . .

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