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Spare ribs

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Well, I was gonna take the weekend off but my inner smoker got the best of me. I'm going to use the trimmings in my beans.

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OK....I'm ready!!
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Dang it, I was gonna take a pic when I foiled them but got distracted. Decided to try the old brown sugar, honey and butter in the foil.
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Looks good, can't wait for the sliced pics !
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I don't have any sliced pics because they were way overdone. Bones pulled right out. Wife said there is no such thing as too tender but when you can't slice them, it's too tender. On the other hand, flavor was awesome.

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Hey, as long as they are tender & tasty.... kewl.gif
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They were definitely tasty and tender. If this was for a competition I would've been disqualified. Guess I've been watching too much BBQ pitmasters.
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I like BBQ Pitmaster's, but nothin wrong with fall off the bone ribs ! biggrin.gif
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My own worse critic I guess. Even my neighbor, who doesn't eat pork, said they were delicious.
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Don't sweat it Gunny, I'm sure the next one you smoke will be more to your liking.

Though, there's nothing wrong with fall off the bone ribs IMO.


I sure do miss them C-rats....... not :biggrin: 

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I think they cooked too hot for too long.
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So far I've always foiled my ribs with liquids and try to keep my smoker cooking grate temp close to 225°F, especially during the foil phase. If temps are too hot during those two hours you'll definitely have fall off the bone ribs and you'll be lucky to get them back on the smoker in one piece for the last hour.

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