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Starting a 30 gal offset

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Going to use a conveyor pulley 18" od x 30" long 1/4" thick around 30 gal. for the cook chamber.  Planning on making the firebox oversize and was getting ready to ask a question about sizing the firebox to cook chamber inlet size since in the calculator it is based on firebox volume, but DaveO answered my question in this recent thread:  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/160281/vent-size#post_1163955  Thank you Dave.  The forum has been/is a big help, thank you all.



If there is any interest, will try to post updates on this project.  Warning: I'm not very fast.  It's a shame that work interferes with pastimes (at least it does with mine).   Regards,  Earl

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Earl, morning..... Lots of interest..... we love watching a build in progress....... you did your homework and found good info before starting on your project..... You'd be surprised how many don't take the time to do that..... Even some commercial sellers of smokers neglect that important step in designing a smoker....
You are definitely on your way to having a great smoking machine.... All of our very experienced smoker builders are available for input to help out.....
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Yup as Dave said - lots of interest. That will be a nice little smoker when you get it done!  thumb1.gif

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Hello,  Thank you for the comments.  This is my second smoker, built a UDS a few years ago that worked pretty well, but pretty limited on capacity.   Guess it could be addictive.  Anyway, made some progress the last couple of days.


Got the ends cut out.

It's pretty round, hope it doesn't spring too much when the door is cut.


Got the ends patched, outlet for stack made & inside cleaned up.


The ends in & firebox to cook chamber opening cut.  Don't look at the welds too close, a little rusty on the welding & using up some old Louisville slugger rods we were given that nobody else wants to use.


Using 1/4" diamond plate scraps, it's kind of a pain but the price is right.  Regards,  Earl

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The welds look fine for what you are building.Thumbs Up

Nothing wrong with saving a few bucks in the process as well.

Looking really good, keep us posted.

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1/4" thick? any idea how much that thing weighs? PDT_Armataz_01_42.gif 

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SmokeJumper, Thanks for the comment, ought to be in a little better practice by the end of this


mw-smoke,  The cylinder weighs around 120#.  Spent some time at the UofI.

Regards,  Earl

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mw, yes long time ago when it was cheap

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Hello,  Update:

Started on the firebox


Door frame


Door, laying out vents, cut with radius cutter in photo


Door in frame, Just used some salvaged butt hinges in the hinge drawer.  They need to be flattened.  

That's the progress so far.  Regards,  Earl

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Is that diamond plate galvanized?
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Hi SmokeJumper,  No, not galvanized, just painted.  Regards,  Earl

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Hello,  A little more progress.


Door frame welded on firebox:


Top & bottom welded on:

Bought the nice ss wire handles on ebay:  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=271479571430
Regards,  Earl

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Hello,  Update cut door, the door sprung about 1/4" radially & it was out about the same lengthwise likewise the rest of the cylinder.  It finally dawned on me the being a conveyor pulley in its former life it was probably crowned in the middle. 



Fortunately had access to a press & was able with quite a bit of fiddling the get both fairly straight.




Regards,  Earl

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Hello, update


Flanges welded on, wish I had seen Dave O's post about using 14 of 16 gauge strip instead of the 1/8 used.


Square tube for reverse flow plate drain


Drain pipe


Reverse flow plate


RF plate in cook chamber



Spacers for insulation & masonry nails on firebox to help hold it in place, idea from BBQengineer 


On end of cook chamber


All for now regards,  Earl

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Can't wait to see more 


Gary S

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Looking good Earl......

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Thanks Gary & Dave  Regards,  Earl

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Hello,  Some more progress, put in some insulation, used Superwool Ht from here:  http://www.axner.com/superwoolfiber-1thicksoldpersqft.aspx.  $50+ for 12 sq. ft., if doing it again, think I would go with what McMaster has.


Covered with sheet


Attached firebox & cook chamber



Finished insulating


Installed pipe into firebox for possible power draft control use.


Regards,  Earl

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