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I missed this first time through. Looks great!. Snails, along with Frog Legs and Calamari are among my favorite foods. You combined some nice flavors and the Kale is considered a Super Food. The strange thing is Tuscan Kale is not carried at ANY of my local Grocery Stores! I can get Curly Kale, which is not bad at all, but it is much tougher and more bitter than the Tuscan variety. Curly Kale takes much longer to cook so is better suited to adding to Soup or Southern Braised Greens than a quick saute. Anyhow, nice combo of meats and flavors...JJ

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Thank you Dear Chef!!


That is indeed high praise coming from you and I appreciate it!


I also love frog's legs and calamari (and cuttlefish even more than calamari) but I do love it all!


I think the Kale brigade and the Vegan brigade too, (don't get me started) has other motives which are about "converting others" versus a passion for food; and so I find that whole thing quite sad. But,once in a while, I do find some kale, and thus buy it, and eat it, and then move back to my beloved eggplant, and artichokes, and asparagus, or haricot vert and so it goes! 


Nonetheless, thank you JJ indeed! I suppose, much like the wildly popular Vermont bumper sticker, that I should, "EAT MORE KALE!?"


Happy Thursday to all! It's HAILING here right now, but then we bring our own sunshine, yes? Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah

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