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Under cooked

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Mmaddoggy here.

I usually don't have any problems with smoking chickens. Yesterday I smirked two baking hens about 6 lbs each in my MES 40 at 275 degrees to an internal temp of 175 degrees at the thigh for 3 hours. They were both in a brine over night, used mustard as a base and used Jeff's dry rub ( I use this rub on everything it's great ). These hens came out very tasty and extremely juicy and great in color. So why was there blood at the breast bone? wife.gif
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Was it blood or was it a red tint on the breast meat next to the bone? I've had that red tint on turkeys that I have brined and I know the bird was cooked because I let time get a way from me and the bird was 185° in the breast. The tint is similar to the smoke ring in beef and pork but in poultry for some reason, it forms next to the bone.
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:grilling_smilie:Hey Dutch

Thanks for the quick reply. It was bright red and ran a little when I cut the meat away from the breast bone. That was the only place that appeared to be under cooked, the rest of the birds were great.
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I have had that happen to me on occasion, It happens, Great explanation from Dutch.



Gary S

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