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Brisket on the Kettle..

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6.5lb flat, untrimmed ready for the kettle. S&P, that's it.

Did a 2x2x1 ring around the Vortex with a few chunks of hickory.
Put this on at 7AM. Cruised @250-265ish for most of the time.

Almost 7hrs later, IT was 164. Double wrapped in foil with 1/3cup of Hot Beef broth. Added a little more charcoal and then back on.
Probe temp tender (this was a first for me). I've always gone with IT.
It was close to 210 at the thickest part.

OK, I didn't ruin it...

Meat and taters.


I'm getting better at this.
Now I need to find me a packer..

Thanks for looking

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Fine looking plate man  :drool  Nice smoke  thumb1.gif 


Edit: Typo

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Thanks Smokin B.

The kettle is being used more and more these days. I'm really enjoying it.

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Sam that is a nice looking brisket.



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Nice plate right there.


Good job.

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That looks great! Smoke ring is a thing of beauty. I've got to learn more about long smokes on my kettle. I'll have to research the minion method.
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