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Turkey Bacon

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This is going to be crazy good. 

Been in for about 6 hrs at 225.  Currently at 149.  I'll post an update.



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6 hours and only at 149? Did you check at the 4 hour mark and make sure it was past 140 to avoid contamination? 

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Done!!!!  165 IT.  

This thing looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't cut into it until tomorrow, though.  Did it for a party.  I'll reheat before serving.


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That gives a whole new meaning to bacon makes everything taste better! Makes my mouth water just seeing it!
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FYI, it's about an 11 lb turkey and it took 1 lb to cover it.  Modified poultry fatty?

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That looks good. Be sure to post cut up pics!
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Nice , send me some . . .:)-
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:drool:    That looks great!!!

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