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Lots Of Thighs & Bangers

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Had this big block of frozen Chicken Thighs from a customer and was wondering what to do with it. Went on the search ans found two post from Cougar78 for Sausages,

Block of frozen chicken thighs,

All other ingredients ready to go, for the Thai Sausage.

Thighs minced with the peanuts and rice,

Everybody in the pool for a good old mix up,

Stuffed into natural casings,

Then into links,

This bit is not for the purist amongst us, into a Sous Vide Bag and into the bath. Only doing this, because the meat was already frozen, and I need to freeze this amount of sausage.

All ingredients ready to go for the Italian Sausage.

All in the pool ready for stuffing,

All stuffed and ready for linking,

These went in the Sous Vide Bath as well.

Browned the sausage in a Halogen Oven, right hand sausage is the Italian and left is the Thai. The Thai was more moist than the Italian, May be the rice retains more of the juices?

Smokin Monkey
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Looks great 

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great job looks very tasty :drool

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Can't go wrong with a sausage from Cougar and it's nice to have those kitchen toys handy.....Willie

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Hi thanks for the encouragement! Chef Willie, it's is good to.have the "Toys" I have a near full working commercial kitchen to play in!

Smokin Monkey
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