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First Brisket

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I finally did my first brisket over the weekend.  It was a 8 pounder.  Didn't want to go all out on the first one in-case I scorched it.  Did a simple 50/50 salt and pepper rub.  Put it on the Egg around 10 pm on Saturday and pulled it off around 4 pm Sunday.  FTC'd for about 2 hours.



I started it off at 220F.


Around noon I hit the stall at 161F.  Decided to bump the temp up too 300 and wrap in foil so it would have plenty of time to FTC and be ready to eat by dinner.

Went to check it around 4 and it felt perfect.  Unwrapped the top of it to put the temp probe in and it went in like butter.  It was at 201-203 through out.  New I had a winner, so I wrapped it back up and stuck in the cooler for about 2 hours.  Unwrapped it and brought it in and started slicing.  BLACK GOLD!!!!



Will definitely be doing this again.  Next time I will try and not invite anyone over until it's done so that way I wont be rushed and have to foil it.


Thanks for looking!

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Beautiful Job, Bryan!!!Thumbs UpThumbs Up


Very nice!!:drool




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Very nice.  


Good job..:drool

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Hummm? Thought I smelled something great in that breeze out of the NE. Great job.
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Looks like you nailed your first brisket!  :drool  Good job  Thumbs Up

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There ya go, nice brisket !! icon14.gif Looks tasty !
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Great looking brisket !!!

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Mighty nice looking groceries. You done good!

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Your brisket looks yummy

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Very nice! That brisket looks delicious...great job! icon14.gif

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Thanks for the kind words guys!

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Looks Great! Nice job on your first brisket, I bet it wont be your last!!

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