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Well I am pretty sure I can not contribute anything to this conversation, but please let us know what you did and how it worked out for you when it is all over.


Best of luck,


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I rented a Cambro 300 MPC. It holds about 4 full sized roasting pans. It should be enough to hold 30 racks.


I did a test run today of a rack. It was tough getting up to temp this morning since it was a bit cooler so I burned at 250 for the first two hours. then it shot right up on me and it was tough to keep it below 300.


At 250-275 I did 1 hour then flipped, 1 hr then foiled and 1 hour in the foil. 20 min glaze then 20 min of sauce. an hour in the foil was just a tad too long. the bones started pulling back a little more than I wanted them to. This was probably more due to the fact that it was getting a bit hotter at this point. So tomorrow with better fire management 1 hour should be just about right for the foil.  


I'm putting them right in my cambro and seeing how long they hold temerature. Hopefully I still have hot ribs at 7 when my wife gets home from work for dinner!

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Thanks Carlos, I'll let you know how it goes.


I'll tell you, skinning and trimming 63 racks of ribs was a big job. I don't have calluses on my hands for that work, I've got a few blisters, haha.

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I tasted them before they went in the Cambro. The best I've ever done!

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glad it worked out man

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That rib looks just how I like em, not too  much smoke not too much seasoning/rub, just enough sauce, and can still see the meat. Nice job!


How long did it take to prep the 63 racks? :help:

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Thanks Carlos! It took me about 3 1/2 hours and my fingers are still sore haha.


I cooked 63 racks yesterday (sorry I was too busy to take pictures) and they turned out great. The Cambro worked great for holding temperature but they needed some more time on the grill to shine them back up with sauce. It was surprisingly easy to wrap and unwrap 63 racks individually but it made one helluva mess.


Thanks everyone for your input!

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