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Thermometer Question (WSM 18.5)

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I know that the dome thermometer isn't the most accurate and I haven't had a chance to go out and get a wireless thermometer yet, but does anyone else use a simple weber digital meat thermometer and stick it through the rubber probe hole on the side? 


It stays horizontal and seems to read accurately... just checking to make sure whether a thermometer meant to measure internal meat temps should be trusted as a general grill temp thermometer, too.


thanks for any feedback.


Scott.. smokin' in Chicagoland.

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Should be close enough. I've set them out on a table to check ambient temps before, same theory.

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you said the probe is rubber? if so i would be hesitant to use it to monitor the smoker heat because its much greater then internal meat may melt? or ruin the probe?

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On my 18.5 the dome is 20 degrees cooler than the rack. Check it at the dome and see if it about the same as the one one the WSM. Stick it in the vent hole.

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My dome thermometer reads 25-30 degrees cooler than the actual temperature in my 18.5 WSM.  I would think a instant read would be more accurate.


I just use a digital thermometer in the meat and one just below the rack the meat is sitting on just to make sure.


As long as your dome thermometer keeps reading 20 degrees cooler consistently, just adjust accordingly as to what temperature you wish to use.


I hope this helps,  John

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@dougmays, the probe isn't rubber.. I stuck my temp probe THROUGH the rubber portal on the side of my WSM 18.5... sorry for the confusion



thanks all for the feedback... Those saying the dome is typically about 20 degrees cooler than internal are having an experience right on with what I'm seeing... really consistent too, though a little bigger of a spread in windy conditions.


Snowing in Chicagoland today.... I think I'll fire up the smoker... just so the snow doesn't build up on it!  ;)

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