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I used maverick for the first time this past sunday and it was awesome!! I smoked 10lbs of chicken leg quarters and they turned out perfect. It sure was nice smoking while sitting on the couch and not having to constantly check the smoker.
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Would the muffler tape also work? I have some in my garage I could use. Haven't purchased this gauge yet, still doing a bit of research as to it problems and such. Aside from the sometimes faulty (but fixable) probes it's looking like the one for me. How do you current guys find the range? Rated at 300 ft is this pretty accurate?
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I've had no problems using it anywhere in my house except right next to my computer router. If I move it 3 feet away from the router it works fine. Furthest from my smoker is only about 75 feet but goes through walls and floors no problem.
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