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LEM Ultimate Stuffer - 10 lb. SS Vertical With 2 Speeds

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just did my 1st batch of Garlic coils today with my new stuffer.have previously used my LEM grinder to do the stuffing but wanted a coarser texture to my sausage. GOOD OL' UKRANIAN GARBALINKY !!!! winnepeg style  :0)
its a 1 man show!! i have a small clamp to fasten it to the counter, crank with 1 hand and feed the casing with the other .... so simple its embarrassing . 

the real clincher was the clean up.... the whole canister can fit in a kitchen sink. no need to pack it down to the laundry tub.

the main reason i chose this model is it is recommended for snack sticks when many other stuffers are not. i think it is because of the way the meat is forced out the bottom instead of out the side of the unit...

ANYWAYS ... i am just waiting for the delivery of my new LEM vacuum sealer and then i will have a complete LEM production line, grinder, stuffer and vacuum packer

 my slicer is an old Alpha that i got for a steel off kijiji that works like a charm.

you just cant beat QUALITY equipment when you are making good eats...
well thats my rant

Bye for now and happy smoking !!!!!


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Congratulations! A good stuffer makes a huge difference.

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Congrats on the new stuffer. How about a snap shot................
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Nothing like a vertical stuffer for a one man show or anyone for that matter. One man show here also and i congratulate you on your fine equipment. Reinhard

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i chose this stuffer because i like the way the product is pushed out the bottom, not forced out the side. this stuffer is actually recommended for snack stick as the others are not for fear of bending the shaft !!!


i have it squirreled away so i used the add pick..

great unit,even videos at the LEM site

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Just a heads up..


Nice stuffer...........Thumbs Up

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slow- for down, and fast- for back up.  2 speeds. 

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I'm jealous, I know speaking from experience I have bent my shaft twice on my 5# stuffer while stuffing sticks and I make a lot of them. Is there excessive force required to stuff sticks like there is with a 5 pound stuffer? I usually c-clamp mine to the workbench because of the force required.Thumbs Up

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Hi Stayhot

i think that the design of the unit i purchased has less torque to get the meat out and into a casings. the plunger pushes the meat straight down and then thru a curved horn out of the center of the column   ... to the tubes. the unit you have and many of the other models pushe the meat straight down and forces it out the side. i think this needs alot more pressure to get the job done. will be trying my sticks as soon as my 3/8 stuffing tube arrives from LEM... so hopefully have some pics up next weekend..

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I had a cabelas stuffer that was similar . It worked very well but my only complaint was that it leaves 1 - 1 1/4 lb of meat in the bottom of the stuffer  that you have to use unstuffed.

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yes it does leave some in the bottom, not sure if its a pound, i made some patties last time, my buddy that got me into sausage making just stuffs a casing by hand with a stuffing horn and the end of a wooden spoon. i looked at alot of machines before i chose this one. the horizontal was no good for me, used one quite a few times with my friend but need alot of space for them. i really wanted to do snack stick/pepperoni style sausage and liked the reviews on this one. NONE of them are perfect so we live with the one we choose and make compromises. this thing also fills, and cleans up so easy i am very pleased. there was a mix up with my order and i ended up with 2..... the 1st guy that saw it bought it. he had been stuffing with his grinder for years and now wonders why he put himself thru that. there is also a lot left in a grinder when stuffing sausage. like i say ... there is no perfect machines. they all have pluses and minuses and i would recommend this in a heart beat....

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