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Smoked Hard Apple Cider Can Chicken

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Got some pictures for this one.  I took a couple of chickens, covered them with Olive Oil, then sprinkled my rub onto each and rubbed it in all the way around and even inside a little.  Then I set the Smoker to 235* set the timer for 4 hours.


When it got up to temperature I opened up two cans of Angry Orchard Hard Apple Cider, poured half of each can into a tall glass, stuck each of the now half full cans into the chickens, and stood them up on the rack.  I then put the top rack back into the Smoker so I could put the squash on it after I got that ready. 


Then I split a Butternut Squash and cleaned out the seeds, took a fork and jabbed a bunch of holes into it.  I didn't realize I didn't have any butter in the house and had to make a Beeline run to the corner store.:hit:  When I got back, I rubbed the stick of butter over the squash getting some of the butter to press into the fork holes.  Then I sprinkled some Brown Sugar onto it and rubbed some of it into the holes too.  I got the squash into the Smoker almost 50 minutes after the chicken.  I also realized I almost forgot about the IT thermometer in the chicken.


At this point, take a break, and drink up that tall glass of beverage you have left on the counter.:beercheer:


I've read that the chicken is safe to eat when the IT reaches 165*,  Well the word I keyed on there was Safe.  The chicken reached that temperature at around 3 hours, but the squash still wasn't done.  The chicken was still looking really moist, probably from the Cider, so I decided to give it another hour.  Well the IT of the chicken was now up to 189* and I decided that was high enough, not going to risk it any higher.


The squash was almost there, you couldn't mush it with a fork, but I used a Large Spoon and scrapped it out and it was like mash then.  Just a little more work for it.  Added some more butter before serving and everyone loved it.


The Chicken was amazing.  I have never had white meat that you could squeeze out juices from with your fork.  The skin was not crispy, I did think of finishing it in the grill for that, but I didn't want to risk over cooking the meat.


Let me tell you, if you want the most moist smoked white meat, pick out a can of one of your favorite canned drinks and Stick It Up your next Smoked Chicken.:drool







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looks great. Never thought of doing squash in the smoker. A couple of minutes in the oven, under the broiler will crisp up that skin too. Nice job and how'd the squash taste? 

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The smokiness in the squash was great.  But I think I forgot the number one ingredient, Salt.  Could have used a little prior to cooking.  Added a touch after, not quite the same though.

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