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Originally Posted by nanalinda View Post

The brisket turned out perfect guys!  As good as my Daddy used to make.  :)
Brisket 11/23/13 Thanks everyone for your help! It is delicious!

Thanks for all your help!

Wow , that is a work of art ! Hope you will post a pic when you slice it. Glad it came out good. Have a nice turkey day. grilling_smilie.gif
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I agree -- nice job!
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Hey guys...I know this thread is at about a year old...but I am doing my first brisket and have the same panic...I used on online meat calculator and I told me my 10lb brisket was to go in at 2:30am and would be ready to come out 2:30pm to start a four hour rest (slicing and dinner at 6:30pm). I took out at 7:30am this morning too foil and put back in and temp was already 165...I need this for dinner not brunch.

I have a Masterbuilt electric. ..I have done two pork shoulders and a whole turkey. ..first pork was awesome the others were ok...losing confidence and my wife seems nervous about losing money on meat.

Please help.
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A couple thoughts.... first, have you ever verified your cooking temps with a reliable therm? Masterbuilts aren't known for accurate temps. And I'm assuming that you are not using the MB meat probe for meat temp. Having said that don't panic. You probably are going to hit the stall any time now. And then, even if you do get ready early, brisket can take (and needs) a good long rest. When you hit finish temp wrap her in double foil with a little liquid and then wrap that in a towel and then drop in a cooler until ready to eat. She'll stay for hours like that way. I don't think you're that far of on times.....maybe a little early but no worries.
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Good info from Geerock above.  I would also add that no two Briskets cook alike.  Two Briskets of nearly identical weight and fat ratio can be hours apart when finished, so a time chart is only a very rough guide.

A good thermometer with a probe is the only way to go when smoking meats.  I like my Brisket at or near the pulling stage, so shoot for an internal temp of 200-205°, but the true way to tell is when a probe or skewer inserted into the meat slides in in like it's going into soft butter.  If it meets resistance, it needs more time.


Don't worry about wasting the money on the meat.  It may not be perfect, but will still be very tasty

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Thank you geerock. ..just hearing that is a huge help. Epic fail, I am using the MB temp and meat probe. Maybe I will grab a better one for future cooking attempts.
I am planning a 190-195 removal and then slice. I did a rub with a yellow mustard spread first...and to fuel the fire, I put fat down...sorry didn't know there was a debate and now I placed myself in a camp.
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190 to 195 may be too early.  Take the advice of radio and check it with a probe of some kind.  It tends to be closer to 200 IT for finish temp.  Brisket pulled too early can be tough as shoe leather.  Also, get a maverick therm to check both meat and chamber temp.  An invaluable tool for all smokers.

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I know this is an older post, bit where do you find a $35 brisket? I'm lucky if I can find a $50 full packer(I believe that's the term) that's small enough to fit in my MES
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Key Word    " OLDER POST"



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Looks good!

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Originally Posted by txrookie View Post

I know this is an older post, bit where do you find a $35 brisket? I'm lucky if I can find a $50 full packer(I believe that's the term) that's small enough to fit in my MES

Yep, beef prices have taken a huge jump and in some instances, have actually doubled compared to a year or so ago.  I used to get boneless beef short ribs for $2.99 per pound and now they go for $5.99:mad

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Patience is your friend here...

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Originally Posted by Hambone1950 View Post

Afternoon , nana. Don't may stall yet. And remember temp is only a signpost on the road to tender matter when it happens , when the temp gets close you have to start probing the meat for keep watching the temp by all means , but just accept that it's done when the probe slides in like buttah!

And I will hasten to add that I am no expert brisket maker , but I just wanted to reassure you with what I think I know....others may chime in more knowledgable than I.....good luck

I'm in the same boat. Same smoker it's a 16 lb split the point from the falp due to size. Also had a 8lb pork butt in there shot up to 145 after 4 hrs. I watched a YouTube video saying it should take 20hr. Do I need to relax and have a drink or panic?
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