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Smoked Bologna

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Apparently for my birthday I am being allowed to grill :biggrin: and I plan on doing some smoked bologna. I have done it once before with good results but I thought I would poll the community on what some of your recommended recipes/methods are.


Last time here is what I did:


Took a whole roll of bologna and scored it (made light cross-hatched incisions on the top), then covered it with Maurices mustard-based BBQ sauce, then packed brown sugar onto it, and of course added some more sauce. Then I wrapped it up with foil and placed it in a baking pan that was about the right size.


Smoked it for a few hours then unwrapped it to finish smoking. After unwrapping the foil, at the smoker I cut it into slices and coated each with more maurices sauce and grilled each one on both sides to give them some nice grill lines and give them a bit more of a char.


Result was amazing, but that was my first time, so though I'd see if the pros can help me improve it for this weekend. I'll be sure to post pictures once I smoke it.

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Well Happy B-Day, and :welcome1:     There are a lot of recipes out there, my best suggestion is to use the search bar at the top - it will turn out to be your best friend. I just seen a thread on here yesterday looks great that I may try.

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Wow, that looks mighty good. Makes me even more eager to chronicle my bologna this weekend with pictures.

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Great, we will be waiting cause you know what they say????:th_What_NO_QVIEW:or maybe they say,,th_nopicsye3.gifor this is always a classic one worthless.gifand we don't want that do we???:biggrin:

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So over the weekend I smoked my bologna. For your benefit I chronicled it with a play by play:


First I got the bologna ready and got my Sticky Fingers Carolina Classic sauce and brown sugar ready


Scored it cross-hatched with a knife


Painted it with the carolina sauce, and packed some brown sugar on it, then painted some more sauce onto it...and more brown sugar :)


I then wrapped the whole thing tight in foil and let it sit in the fridge overnight. I grilled it for a bit wrapped in foil to keep all the sauce intact, then I unwrapped it to let it absorb some mesquite


Once it cooks those scoring marks start to look pretty nice. I occasionally used a brush to paint more sauce on it while it cooked.




Finally cutting the beast into slices


As I sliced it I painted both sides of each slice with more sauce and let each one grill to not only get some good grill marks, but also let the sugar from the sauce to burn and give it a nice crisp sweet glaze.




Was yummy


Also cooked some chicken, ribs, corn, kabobs, alligator, kielbasa, bacon-wrapped shrimp, burgers, and hotdogs but this was the highlight for me.

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Looks great

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