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chipotleQ: I really didn't notice the flange until I read your article. I sealed up all the openings on the cheapo smoker I previously owned but I don't like the looks of silicone which oozes all over the cooker. I can live with the small amount of heat/smoke leakage on my Lang. It hardly effects my cook.


Regarding the Guru -- I thought about it but I don't need it. After some work, I've mastered my Lang and I can easily maintain 250F- 275F. I have to pay attention to it but that's why "lounge chairs and beer was invented!!!".  

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exactly, well said!

Originally Posted by Wood River BBQ View Post
 I have to pay attention to it but that's why "lounge chairs and beer was invented!!!".  

Exactly! well said

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Just got my Lang 36 stretch....have cooked on it a few times. Love it,,,Que has come out fantastic so far. Still getting used to it. have some big temp fluctuations from one end to the other so that will take some time to figure out. The leaks out the skip welds? Big deal....not anything at all to be concerned's BBQ, not the space shuttle. I see no need for silicone, nor foil at the door. The temp lost is extremely minimal.
My digital thermometer held at 234 for 4 hours. Added a stick every 35-40 minutes.....usually when I started seeing the temp hit 229....that was a cue to add...and it took 5 minutes to get back up to 237 and then even out at 234.....that's good control......
Now .....that was at the center where my probes/meat were located. At the unit thermometer at the end of the lang, it held at 175 almost the entire cook....didn't check the hot side, but thats were I cooked Dutch's baked beans and the potato's. 

I noted Chipolte Q noted a leak around the drain flange. I hope folks understands that is by design. the square tube drain is for grease from ON TOP of the plate, but as the tube travels thru the bottom of the smoker, there is a small gap. This is so when cleaning with water, any overspill of water that collects in the bottom of the smoke chamber can drain out the bottom. It follows the outside of the drain tube and is creosote/water mix from the smoke chamber. All by design....if water were allowed to sit in there, it would end up rusting out the bottom of the cooker in short order.
All in all for what I paid and what I got, I'm a happy customer. A couple things I could nitpick about, but I won't Won't be looking to upgrade anytime soon as the stretch should take care of all I'll ever need.  Shipping was quick when it shipped. From GA to WI took them 1 day. Now they were backed up with orders and mine took 9 weeks, but I changed my order once and put it on hold once too. My fault. 

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I've had nothing but good experiences with my 36.  I normally overfill my Lang when I cook so I shove meat up against the far left side where the smoke enters the chamber after passing under the plate.  That spot tends to be hot on the Top side of the meat.   Since the smoker is full I have meat up tight against the side by the firebox also.  That side tends to run hot on the grate.  When I do rarely use the shelf the meat on the shelf nearest the top of the smoker is also in a higher temp.  Heat rises.


I use these temp differences to my advantage when cooking.  I'll bet that if you use the main grate and not overload the smoker you will never notice the differences in temperature. 


You may also adjust the stack a bit if you want to even out temps vertically in the smoker.   Mr. Ben recommended keeping the stack partially closed to even out chamber temps, I prefer to keep it fully open.


To lessen the temp variations I recommend fully warming the smoker before loading.  Get the smoker to 300 and leave it there long enough for all that steal to warm up.  Load the food and allow to gradually drop to cooking temp.  Once hot and stabilized a small fire will keep it stable and there will be less variation in grate and chamber temps.

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I have a Lang 36 Hybrid Deluxe and couldn't be happier. I have a few leaks but it's not that serious and doesn't effect my cook. I agree completely with alblancher that the best thing to do is allow all of that metal to get heated up and then slowly bring down the temperature. I've had 5 hour cooks with no more than 5 degree temp fluctuation.

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Hello fellow lang owners!!
I have the lang 36 hybrid deluxe patio model. I love it !!! I have noticed some leaks also but they usually seal off after she warms up. I agree about some of the welding job , but it doesn't effect my cook. Just was thinking what we gave for them that more attention to weld and cleaner cuts of parts would have been nice . But I am happy just the same!!
The food I have cooked on it is awsome!here are some pictures. Cooking on a lang. Lol[IMG][IMG]
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my lang
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