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Sausage in smoker now

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I have some store bought jalapeno cheddar sausages that I wrapped in bacon in the smoker now! Can't wait for a late lunch!

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Funny thing is we cannot see them.....

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be careful, store bought fresh sausage doesn't contain cure and shouldn't be smoked except at high temps. You could end up making your family sick or even dead.

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Well they turned out delicious!

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So Big guy educate me more on how this could be an issue and if I was looking to smoke some sort of sausages for a meal what don't I want and why?

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The short and dirty version is, if your sausage is fresh (No Cure) you have a window of LESS than 4 hours to get it from 40-140 degrees internal temperature, due to bacteria growth. Cooking sausage this fast to me is more in line with grilling it rather than smoking it to me. If you want to smoke sausage, to me requires a long low temperature smoke, say around 100-120 degrees for say 4-6 hours with cure, without cure your sausage becomes a breeding grounds for bacteria. At the least the kind of bacteria that will make you sick, but it can be as bad as to kill also..... I know people that have said that “I never use cure and I have never gotten sick” they are just playing Russian route……It may not make them sick today or tomorrow, it’s the one time it does or they may harm someone else unintentionally, I know that I don’t want to live with that. Using cure is an assurance that there are no bullets in the gun……. All meat products need to be brought up to the USDA’s recommended cook temperatures also….. Good luck and remember worthless.gif.......:rotflmao:Well that my rant for today….ShoneyBoy

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yeahthat.gif  low & slow not good for everything

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Shoney and Chef Willie are correct. Store bought sausages usually don't have cure in them and should be cooked to an IT of at least 165°. If you want to add more smoke to store bought sausages, either smoke them hot and fast to get them done within the safe window or just cold smoke for an hour and then grill them - but to cold smoke the outside temps should be cool. 

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If the sausages had jalapenos and cheddar cheese in them I would assume they were cured and were already pre cooked..... The cheddar cheese would break down in fresh sausage if it wasnt cooked right away......

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I doubt it would contain cure, but by law it must be on the label of ingredients. So if you want to smoke read the label and if no cure grill the sausage with smoke, do not try to do a regular low temp smoke.

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Turned out great

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Those look really good and it's lunch time here so I'm ready to eat NOW!!!!!
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Yummmmmmm.....making me hungry too!



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Thats better........ Im wanting an open shot now.....LOL.....they look great

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Looks good!..................:Looks-Great:

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Very nice - great job. yep I agree with boykjo open shot would be great

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Got another batch of these going now, pics to come once they're done!

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