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Venison Sausage

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I hope you can help with the issue I've had making venison sausage. The recipe we used in the past is a 50/50 blend of venison and pork. The taste is great, but it always comes out too dry. I've tried cooking it different methods, but I have not tried smoking it because I have been without a smoker until now. How do I keep it from drying out? What method do you suggest when smoking it? I want to give it one more shot this year. Thanks for any and all advice. 

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Sounds like it needs more fat. What is the fat content of the pork you used?
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I used a boston but. I found the fattiest one I could.
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With only this info I think maybe you cooked it too hot and rendered the fat out.......I have done it myself.



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The butt should have a nice fat cap. If you want to be sure about how much fat you have. separate the fat and weigh the lean...  With 50/50 ( I like 50/50) on the venison and butt you may need to add more fat... should be at least 20 percent fat to lean......  did you make cured sausage or fresh sausage



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Thanks for the advice. I made cured sausage. I will try to get more fat this year.
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 I would agree with to much heat or to close to it. You didn't mention what type of heat you used (propane,charcoal or electric).

  My mix for sausage is #20 of veni to #5 of pork scrap that I get from the butcher.

What IT temp did you pull it at and how long did you cook it makes a big difference.

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when I use Boston butt  I also add pork trimming they seem to have more fat

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Let me put in my 2 cents here.I make venison summer sausage every year and think i see your possible problem. At a 50 50 mix your mixture has enough if not too much fat % in it. Now if you heat the fat beyond around 160 degrees the fat will melt ,but did your spice mixture contain any BINDER ? Binder helps retain moisture in the sausage and comes in several forms powdered milk and soy protein concentrate are 2 i can think of off the top of my head and some companies like butcher-packer have their own called simply (special binder) or something similarIf the fat rendered (became liquid) then you would have most likely noticed oil on the shriveled up casings or in the smoker itself

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Dont know all the steps  the OP took yet in regards to the dry issue but i use dry'd powdered milk as DaveMo has suggested in his post.  I use it in all my smoked and fresh sausage and it makes a difference. One cup per 5 pounds of meat.  Reinhard.

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