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leather skin

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i have smoked a lot of chicken with good to great results until 2 weeks ago. I have just made my fist smoker 275g rf now my chicky tastes good but the skin is so tuff. Never had this happen before i have made two batchs same result first round i ran 225* second batch 275* any help would be great
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Put the chicken on when your temp is over 300... 325 being the goal  and keep it there... It will give you the best results. 

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Ok. Heres the thing i have always cooked at around the 225* to 275* deppending on what else im cooking and never had skin like this. Didnr know if the almost pure wood fire made the diff (dryer air?)
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Don't think so the dryer the heat the better Imo. Here's mine from earlier and most of the cook my bird was over 320 and it was 15 or so inches directly over my fire.. Which is why I say the dryer the better. The skin is crisp and the bird is brining. Lots of people associate moisture with good chicken when a dry pit makes the juiciest chicken.
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Are you taking it out @ 165 in the breast? Explain your process start to finish and that might help us help you better... Include when and how you applied any sauce.
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I get my smoker higher then cook temp put meat on let it even out dapn the fire to my cook temp i dont brine my chicken. I will put sauce on guessing half hr or so before i pull it 165 170 at the most i dont cook much white meat xcluding turkey. I did leg quarters first time on new pit then just thighs second time it felt like skin was crispn up nicely but cant bite through uck. I know there is going to be a learning curve to the new pit but temp is temp no diff then on my old one same temp gauges i took from old till i get new ones in. I have had soft skin crispskin inbetween until i found what i liked and family approved but never anything like this the meat part of both new pit cooks was juice tender very happy with it aftr tossing the skin to my labababies. Who gave a two tail wags lol
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I have a suspicion you're not getting accurate readings on pit and or meat. If you don't have a Maverick Et 732 or equivalent I'd highly suggest it. The more I look at the meat it looks way overcooked, I know you said it's the same gauges but I'd bet this bird was flat out over cooked.
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Guess im gonna cross check them boiling water my meat probe is one dg hot its not a maveric but work well
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Ok i have checkd my temp gauges and they both read 25deg less then true temp but i knew that from when i bought them and did a fist test but things can break or what ever guess i will have to play with it some more
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