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Mississippi Peace Maker Sliders

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I love sliders, so when I heard about the Mississippi Peace Maker I knew I had to make some.  Mine deviates a little from the original because I didn't have time to make pulled pork.  Here is what I did:


Smoked bologna - smoked for 3.5 hours scored but uncut.  Glazed every hour with BBQ sauce diluted with apple juice.  Cut into big inch wide slices then cut slices into thirds.  Put back on smoker for another hour or so continuing to glaze.


Pulled Chicken - nothing fancy, but did use SoFlaQuer's Finishing Sauce and put a little Sweat Baby Ray's sauce on it.


Coleslaw - standard 


Tomato Slice - Big tomato, sliced thick then cut into thirds.  They had been salted and peppered.


Put all this together with a slider bun and a little mustard and voila, M.P.M. slider.




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Looks great! Thanks for sharing.

Happy smoken.


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Wow that looks good. I still gotta try bologna in my smoker. Maybe that'll be next! Thanks so much for sharing. Got me real hungry now!
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Nice sliders!  drool.gif   A few of those would really hit the spot right now  thumb1.gif

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Those look great!



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Making me hungry!



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Thanks for the encouragement!  I've been looking around the interwebs for other interesting smoked meat sandwiches but haven't found anything.  If anyone has any ideas like the Mississippi Peace Maker let me know.  I want to try it out!

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That turned on the waterworks!







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 Great looking sliders!  Looking for something different? Maybe smoked pork loin in place of the bologna? Just because I smoked a pork loin today!



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