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Picture of Yesterday's Pork Butts

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I smoked 2 - 6.5 lb butts for around 10 and a half hours.  They turned out great even though my temp went too high on me a couple of times.  Getting ready to take it to the in-laws to eat for dinner. Also made some homemade sauce to go with it.  Thanks to all for the great advise I have read on this SMF!  I want to try a beef brisket pretty soon.  


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Looks great!


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Looks good! Oh NO!! The in-laws? Make those brownie points!

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Looks great....gotta show q-view of it pulled too!



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So how were they? Sure looked good sitting there drool.gif

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They were great and the in laws loved it.  Sorry I didn't take pictures of it pulled.

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Well done.



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Very nice. You won't have any leftovers to bring home. That is my bet....Ha Ha.....439.gif

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I got my new Oklahoma Joe and have my third fire and first food cooking away right now. SMF, Jeff, Butt Burner and Ski Freak deserve all the credit if my venture is a success. It is working great so far and I in hour #3 of pork butt. Smoke chamber temp at the grill level is 242 deg an steady.  The tricky part will be at bedtime when I try to fuel it all night! Wish me luck! Anyone have any hints. I am using a combo of briquettes, Stubb's chunks, and pecan & oak.



BBQ burn.JPG 780k .JPG file



BBQ- 1st fire.JPG 715k .JPG file




1st Pork Butt plus t-bones for dinner.JPG 777k .JPG file
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Why are my pix not showing?

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My effort was greatly rewarded with the best dinner ever! NC BBQ pulled pork butt, sliced pork, and ribs. The turkey finished too late and will be eaten another day.

I love this Okie Joe!


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