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Roasted Bacon Main Course?

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A while back my parents went to Europe for a military reunion/vacation. Pop came back talking about a meal in London they enjoyed where they had Bone Marrow (which for some reason the kept calling Foie Gras) and broiled Bacon. So any of you weekend chefs know about a roasted piece of bacon?


He said it was like 2 or 3 inches wide and maybe 4 or 5 inches long. Since we are making our own bacon these days, thought it a perfect time to try making it, especially after seeing the smoked bacon slabs. I am guessing they had to have rendered some of the fat out or it would gag me and I like that fat, its were all the flavor is.


Anyone ever see these done? Know anything about them? Have a recipe or a Q-view?

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No clue. I'd like to see what you find out. It sounds interesting

Happy smoken.


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Foie Gras I thought was duck fat. Maybe it's a hunk of duck fat instead of the bacon. Will be interesting to see what Chef Jimmy or JarJarChef come up with too. Kat
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Foie Gras is fatty liver typically duck, but sometimes goose.
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Braised pork belly is pretty popular now in the expensive restaurants in our neck of the woods.
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I can actually find some stuff for braised pork belly, guess it is all about the proper nomenclature. I guess it would be the same smoked as braised. Maybe 220 degrees for 3 to 8 hours?


DS have you tryed it?

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Braised is okay, but I like crispy roasted or fried better.

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