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Baby Back competition practice added QVIEW

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So Sunday I am attempting to do 3 racks of BB ribs for competition style ribs. I say competition style because they seem to want a much sweeter rib then I like in competitions. I have a modified store bought rub that I will use, little on the hotter side, but will be adding a lot of sweet later. Also a modified store bought sauce. My plan is rub 12hours before cooking. 2-2-1 method or slightly modified depending on temps. Spritizing at every 45 mins. Wrapping at 2hrs, covering with butter, honey, brown sugar for about 2 hours then unwrapped for last hour with a good spritzing or two. I plan on using lump charcoal with hickory logs for flavoring and shooting for a 225 cook temp. I will post pics as I go. Am I missing anything?

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The most important ingredient. Patience

just because everyone will be doing sweet doesn't mean you have to. It is taking a chance. But if you never think outside the box. You will always be in the box.

Happy smoken.


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Skip the spritz, you will cool the cooking chamber and the meat and add to the cooking time and add nothing to the ribs.

I find that 225° is a bit low for ribs, I prefer 250°-260°. Remember that size matters, the bigger the rack the longer it will take to cook, 2-2-1 is just a guideline not a blueprint. I use the bend test to tell when they are done-




Good luckicon_smile.gif

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Thanks, Patience is definitely my weak point. I think I am going to try the using the bend test. In the wrapped stage of ribs I have thought about putting them in a pan with apple cider and covering the pan with foil, but not sure if that will make them too moist. Then saucing for the last hour. I currently have only done them with no wrapping so far, good flavor but a little tough.

These racks of ribs I am using tomorrow are pretty thin.

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When I helped at some local of the things the Pros and the Judges were looking for is straight ribs.  Saw lots of them that one the "rack of ribs"....they were at an angle....The judges around here like Red Sauce....just my 2 cents too!



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what do you mean "they were at an angle"? The cut?

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So I have got the smoker to temp and at the 45min mark did a little spritzing.

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2 hours in, BBQ temp at 225, wrapping time!. Applying 2melted butter sticks, honey, and brown sugar.

Going to flip after 1 hour and check temp.

Also making a sauce using Famous Dave's sweet and zesty, added a little of the pork rub, half stick of butter, and may do a smaller batch a little hotter or sweeter depending on how sweet ribs are. I am probably only going to sauce 1 rack on the smoker and have the other two with sauce on the side.

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Once they're in the foil you don't need to touch them, no need to flip, let 'em cook.

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Didn't flip, sauced after 2 hours in the foil and then placed back on grill for about an hour. I would give these ribs a 3/10. They were tough and the store bought rub(Pork Barrel BBQ, from Costco) was not good on the ribs, had strong oregano taste. Sauce was good though. I think they ended up being overcooked, the first couple hours the smoker was around 250.

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Originally Posted by mustang07 View Post

So I have got the smoker to temp and at the 45min mark did a little spritzing.

Mustang have you tried not spritzing and just focused on keeping a consistent temp?    You know what they say...if you're looking

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I have found that the 3 2 1 method is the ticket. that and consistent low and slow temps. 

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Next time going with a much simpler plan, not spritzing etc. Need to remember "K.I.S.S" You're right needed to focus more on temps, was a lil distracted with a toddler running around and helping my neighbor get a snake out of her chicken coop. Well till next time

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I am a KCBS Certified BBQ Judge and can offer this advice: One Bite


You have to understand that I have six pieces of meat in each of four categories to judge.  I nibble a cracker and take a swig of water between each piece of meat to cleanse my palate to give the next contestant the same judgment as the previous one.  Therefore, I have to pace myself between BBQ, crackers, and water -- so, to do this, I judge your long trip, cold/hot/wet sleepless night, hard work and sweat in One Bite.  Some judges may take more than one bite but I recommend when you taste test your smoked meat you base your strategy on One Bite


Incidentally, I do not prefer a particular sauce if any, wet, dry, sweet, salty, spicey, etc.  I cannot expect to see this or taste that. I don't base one entry on another and I don't base it on my own cooking.  I simply take One Bite testing for taste and tenderness and if it's good, I determine how good on a scale of 2 to 9. I imagine most entries are 7 and 8(s) though I am not issued a quota on any number -- I can give all 9(s) if they are all excellent in my opinion.


8-Very Good
7-Above Average
5-Below Average


I recommend going to the website BBQ Critic to look at some boxes, read some judge's comments, maybe even post your box and see what they say.  Use those comments to improve your box appearance.  Oh by-the-way, I get just a few seconds to look at your box and rate it.


...and speaking of Famous Dave... I went to the same KCBS CBJ course at the Jack that he did. He's a great guy. 


I hope this helps you.  Good Luck with your comps!

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Thanks a lot!

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