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My first Fatties!!

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So here I go. Making my first fatties today. I'm doing 2 of them. First one is a breakfast fattie with 2 lbs breakfast sausage and 1/4 pound beef. rolled it out and put some shredded Cheddar cheese and some hard boiled eggs in it.



Here are the ingredients in that one I only used 2 lbs of the sausage and i guess I missed the beef.



sausage rolled out


cheese and eggs on it


All rolled up and awaiting its meat candy wrapper!!!


bacon all weaved and ready for the fattie


TAA-DAAAAA!!!! A nice looking fattie wrapped in meat candy. (or at least I think it looks good)



And I did another one kinda like a Philly cheese steak. I rolled out some beef and then put some provolone cheese on it, Sauteed some onions, peppers, and mushrooms. laid that on it and rolled  it up. that one proved to be a basted trying to roll up.

now I got them in the smoker at 225 with hickory chips.




 Well I hope it all turns out good. My mouth is watering and I cant wait to taste these suckers!!!!!!!

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Looks great. Please post pictures of the finished result!



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Looks great TBones. Keep the Q View coming!

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Those look great to me.
Bet they're gonna be tasty.
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  Looks good!  Still waiting on the finished pics.



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Looks great!  Don't leave us hangin''d they turn out!?!



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OK sorry for the delay. I was in a fattie coma last night. I think they turned out AWESOME!!!!! here are the pics of the finished products.





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Looks great.  How was the one not wrapped in bacon?  Some folk say the meat gets a bit too dry.

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 The non bacon wrapped one was a little dry. I did however cook it alot longer then neccessary because that one was for my parents and my mom will only eat very well done meats.  If I pulled it off earlier im sure it would have been fine. 

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Awesome. Great Job!
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Thanks everyone. It sure was fun to make and eat!!!!

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I love the ones with eggs in them, they look like eyes staring at 

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