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Smoked Chicken Chimichurri

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First made the chimichurri sauce.





Second marinaded the chicken in it for a bit, got smoker up to temp added chicken.




Pulled chicken when done.





Tried shredding it up with a fork, didn't work so well, will be investing in meat rakes.




Last grill my ciabatta bun with garlic butter that I made, melted some baby swiss cheese on the top bun, piled on the smoke chicken, and added more of the chimichurri. It was very delicious, I think I am going to use this sandwich in a BBQ sandwich cook off on July 4th.



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Now that looks awesomely delicious!!! Wanna share the chimichurri sauce recipe? 

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oooo......Looks delish!



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I might, but after July 4th after the BBQ sandwich cook off. But thanks for the positive response.

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2thumbs.gif Looks awesome! 

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drool.gif , waiting for the Reipe...

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Looks really good!


IMHO thighs are the easiest part of the chicken to "pull" I like smoke them, skin on, do not scrape the fat. I take them up to an IT of 180*-190*. Then foil and rest for an hour before pulling.


Good luck with your competition. Let us know how it goes!

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