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Apple Haul!

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A girl I work with wanted an apple tree cut down in her yard. No problem I said!



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Nice score. Apple has been my wood of choice for the last few smokes.

Happy smoken.


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Billbo, evening.....  I  suppose she paid you to cut down the tree AND haul the wood off to your house...  And gave you a cold beer 'cause it was so much work to boot.....     YOU LUCKY DOG !!!!!!





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Nice score...We love apple wood smoke!



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I did it for free Dave! I drank beer when I got home with it!

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Red, apple is tasty and abundant here. I love it!

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Nice score on the apple wood. I did the same on wednesday. Its cut and home now. I plan to split it this weekend. I'm new to this, how long does it need to season before using? Thanks in advance. Paul in WNY
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If you are using chunks for smoke flavor you can use it now. If you are going to use it as a heat source in a stick burner you need to cut and split it into the size you need for your firebox and season it for 8-12 months.

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I took a crab apple out about a week ago, split it up and cut it into chunks, and within several days, i used it on a couple of tbones and they were great drool.gif.  

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