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Smoked Snakehead Fish.......

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ok so hee in maryland the snakehead fish is a big bow hutting extravganza. Its fun as hell honestly. Now my questiom isdo any of you have a recipe and or smoker and meat temperatures......
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I can't believe some ***hole introduced these things to American waterways!  WHAT WERE THESE IDIOTS THINKING??  Good for you in killing and eatin them.  By the very nature of your question I'm not sure many people have experience with this fish.  I assume you have eaten these fish before.  Do you have a precook process?  Do you soak it in milk etc???  Whether it is a white meat or dark meat fish I would follow recipes for that same meat type fish.  Can't be very far off.  Maybe someone will come along with a better idea.  Good Luck.  Keep Smokin!

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I am with you on that. Lol you ouuta xee the gold fishpeople flush. Potomac is not the cleanist. Lol weshot a 12 inch gold fish last night...... Think next time you flushem. But yea we have grilled them and pan fried them. Snakehead is honestly an awesome eating fish. There just as slimey as anell so thee is alot of preping
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Your on your own here, IMHO , they are bait fish. Let the native fish eat on THEM.  An eye for an eye, so to speak.


Smells bad to cook and eat, NOPE , give me Catfish and I'm a happy Pappy. drool.gif Oh , and some Hushpuppies and Coleslaw...Cornbread would work too.


Kill them all. Try Dynamite (not really, but wolud most likely work).


Salute a vet and remember the fallen and the Towers Heros also...

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Lol i was raised on channel cat so i knowabout cat fish. Honestly its not to far off from the cat fish taste. I like it along with the bow crew bette than stripper
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Lol snake heads not fish heads
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I say fillet a few of them up so we can get a look at what kind of meat we're up against...

I've been smoking sheephead, whites and Carp all my life

I just did 350# of caro a couple of weeks ago

I've never done a Snake head but would be interested in helping with a recipe  to smoke them up

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Yea we gotta go back out bow fishing first. But I can def put some pictures up for you
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