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First time posting here, found tons of great info over the last week. I seasoned the smoker yesterday, and smoked some baby back pork ribs today. They should be coming off in a half hour or so. I cant ever leave my equipment alone, always modding and trying to find out what works best. This smoker is no exception! I find the temp gauge to be much more accurate than many reported, my neighbor's Maverick showed within 5 degrees today at many different times. I don't know if I can bank on it, but so far so good. I did find that by removing the chip loader completely and installing a Vance and Hines baffle from my motorcycle that I was able to get much more consistent airflow and smoke from the AMNPS. In 3.5 hours I used 3/4 of one row of pit masters choice. I further tweaked it by adding a small fan that goes low as 1 cfm. Worked like a champ!! 




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smokin, morning and welcome to the forum.....  Great mod....   Vance and Hines ???? haven't heard that name since the 60's when I was racing.....   congrats on a great mod to your smoker...     Dave

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Thanks! Yep Vance and Hines are still putting out some of the top exhaust systems on the market. I run my bike without baffles and drew my conclusion on an educated size guesstimate. It fits really well imo. I work for Ultrasource (formerly Koch Equipment) and we build and sell commercial smokehouses in the $20,000 range and up. All of them use electric blowers and heating elements. I had this fan from an old project and it fit in quite nicely! Anyway thanks for the comment and ill post up the first Boston butt tomorrow when its done.
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Wow- Boston butt turned out FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!! I followed recipe from here, finishing sauce, and time... sweet time...  12 hours 32 minutes. dry smoke, sprayed every hour from 160-195. Right at 11 hours on 15oz of oak in the AMNPS. The fan proved its worth with the consistent heat and smoke. I did end up removing the chip tray after the first 2 hours to see how it worked, under 250 It seems like a solid option, over 250 it likely would prove to be a better heat shield for the AMNPS.  2 hours wrapped in a large towel in my cooler. The bone came out completely clean as you can see. I never knew.......... This will be the first of many!!!! BIG Thanks to all who posted their results and opinions for everyone to try ! Oh and yes that is my favorite bourbon that shared in this smoke.







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Dave, nice job on the butt.....   I think you've got it...      Dave

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Well done Dave and nice bark. I have an 8#er on right now. I'm about 6.5hrs into this smoke.... Smells soo good right now. Best of luck to you on future smokes
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Thanks guys, I cant believe in all my years of grillin and smokin I never even tried cooking one. Now I need to make up for lost time lol. My wife and kids tried it last night and were amazed. I have had great success with ribs over the years and will be definitely cooking a butt every time ribs are on the menu. This was also my first ever dry smoke, as I have always used a pan of water/seasonings. I was very skeptical about the finishing sauce, as well as the apple juice/Captain Morgan spray. Those contributed immensely to the flavor have been added to my refrigerator stock. I vacuum sealed the meat up last night and refrigerated. I cant wait till lunchtime today!!!



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