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Beef Ribs

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Hey all,


I'm thinking, after we have some money come in, about getting a slab or two of beef ribs. Now, I've never cooked them before and was wondering if y'all could give me some advice on how to go about prepping cooking and serving them. I want to be able to add them to my repertoire so any advice would be great.....usa.gif

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I smoked a huge rack quite a while ago and they were delicious! I smoked them similar to St Louis Spares for temp and adjusted the time accordingly for the size of them.


Should find lots of info here:

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Hi Michael.


I'm with Alesia, I cook beef ribs like spares, except I like to tone down the sweetness in my rub a little.


Good luck, and please show and tell us how it goes!



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X3 with Red & Alesia---Smoke them similar to Pork Spares.


Here's one of my easy to follow "Step by Steps":




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