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I recently purchased the MES 40inch smoker and smoked my first brisket.  I just wanted to add that I too got the fires when adding "dry" wood chips in the smoker tray.  After thinking about the smoking process with MES, I decided to soak the chips in the water as the Kinston woodchip recommended.  It prevented the flames and I was able to smoke for what seemed like longer period.  The brisket turned out ok.  I don't have any pics but I will try to post some pics with my next time.  Cheers!

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16 lb brisket took only 12.5 hrs? What temp did you have the MES set on?

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Originally Posted by maloff28 View Post

Manchester Bob, no basements here in Florida + 2 car garage makes for a big storage challenge! We can get one car in, but that is all. Big mistake on our part not insisting on a 3 car garage.

"Items I storage expand to the amount of space available"   You probably still would have your cars outside!

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Have you found any other places recently to buy Packers?  I also live in Orlando.  I have a connection with a restaurant meat supplier but I have to buy a whole case and I'm not looking to do that just yet

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I have seen them a handful of times at Costco, but no, sadly, I have not found anyplace new...

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Im going to check out a place today that I hear has Packers, ill let you know what I find. Its called Freshfields Farm at 400 E Compton St. Orlando
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This place has them for 4.77 a pound. Been a while since I bought one. Is this a good price?
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Gonna go back tomorrow if I dont find a better deal. Promised friends a brisket this weekend
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I think that is pretty decent for around here, as long as its choice and not select. 

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I got a case at RD last week of Angus choice #13-#16 packers the case price was $3.19 I think singles were $0.40 more.
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What temp. did you cook at , 12.5hrs . for a 16.8lber. . Was it a Prime? I'm stymied . :icon_eek:


Give us the whole lowdown :icon_exclaim:

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Your average cook temp for Brisket should be around 225 no matter the size
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I found another place carrying packers, its called Hopkins Meat Packing and its in Sanford.  Price is 4.59lb

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RD means Restaurant Depot, I've been to Hopkins didn't see anything. But that doesn't mean they don't have it now. RD is on Princeton west of John Young.

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The pic looked good and the flat looked tasty, have not done a Brisket yet, I have to drive about 25 miles to a farm store to get a brisket $6.69 per lb.

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