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Here's the website:




My dad and I both took the 4 hr steak class and 6 hr smoking class.  Was definitely worth the money.  You prep and eat a ton of food.

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Hi my name is Jeff , born in Renton and have lived in several areas Kent, Prescott, Camano Island, and now live in Union which is Southern Hood Canal. I am a almost retired contractor and have just recently started smoking foods as a hobby that seems to be turning into an obsession. I have a Cajun Grill with a offset smoker box and a UDS that really works great. I enjoy fishing and crabbing and really can't imagine living anywhere else. I'm going salmon fishing out of Westport tomorrow and have heard it's supposed to be great, will post pics,.nothing better than grilled/smoked Kings fresh out of the water.
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Thanks for the info, looks like something really worthwhile.
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Oops that last post was a reply to the link for the Seattle Grilling/Smoking School.
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Hi Guys


Kind of new to the smoking thing, but love it so far. Retired after 37 years in the Fire Service and Emergency Management. Got a WSM for retirement and just learning. Started making sausage as well and really like that. Built our retirement home just outside of Battle Ground and we really love it here.

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Said I would post pics, here is some some new products ready to be grilled/smoked.
I really need to give a shout out to Kevin @ Goldrushcharters.com. He and his son make this the best trip possible.
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Welcome to the group guys. Im looking forward to seeing the pictures of the great food Im sure your going to make.

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Hello to all,
My name is Jim and live in Moses lake, WA also. I love to hunt and fish like many others on here. Been smoking for a couple of years now. Today I have a "rib off" with a buddy of mine who thinks his ribs are better than mine. So today we will gather the neighbors together as our judges and put this to rest once and for all!!! Take care to all of you!!sausage.gif
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Welcome. I can't wait to see all the pics you guys will be posting. Because that's probably as close as I'll get for the next couple of months.
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Disabled, disgruntled former USPS employee. Left the hell hole of the AZ desert in 08 with my loving wife...Live an hour or so west of Spokane. We have 4 dogs, 4 birds and a turtle. Love where we live. Take out the delivery folks and the 4 neighbors that go by and we see 0 traffic on any given day. Have had our XL BGE for over a decade now but just getting started smoking. In addition the XL we have a Mini BGE that we used to use when we went shooting. We just got a 40" MES yesterday.

Spend some of my summer days riding around on my chopper. Going to build/rebuild the scooter into a more rideable machine. Truly grateful someone pointed me in the direction of this wonderful site....

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Hey ink...... welcome........ Dave
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Welcome InkJunkie.  You will love the ease of your new MES.

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I'm Brandon,  from Colville up here to the NE.   Used to live in W. WA.   Got smart,  moved East about 8 years ago :)   Try to fish once a week at least and hunt of course.


My dad and I have it set in our heads to build a smoker.  That has lead me to here.


Anyway,  looking forward to getting to know some fello Washingtonians with the same hobbies!  

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Welcome..... This is a great place to learn stuff..... Dave
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Welcome Brandon!!

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Well, I didn't see this before so here goes. I live in southeastern Washington in a little town called Waitsburg. I have a window cleaning business and do construction as well. I just bought a house for the first time and spend a lot of my time working on that. I have Several Weber grills and A UDS. I love to fish and hunt and do as much as I can afford to do. I am 48 years young and my name is actually timber. I got my handle back when I used to run jet boats up on the snake and salmon in Idaho. I live a quiet and peaceful life with my Labrador Gingerbear. I absolutely love smoking meat and making sausage. I do it as much as I can. Have a great day. timber 


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Good morning, after being here for the past two years, this is the first time I've seen anything about a WA group...


Hi, my name is Don from Port Townsend.  Retired 3 years ago from being in the welding supply industry for 44 years.  Been using a Louisiana Pellet Pooper for the last 5 years and just the other day it gave up the ghost.  So with the blessing from the wife, I ordered a Smokin-it #2, with a Jerky Dryer, should be here Tuesday the 23rd.  Might have enough time to season and do a simple smoke on Christmas day.




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Welcome..... Old Timers..,.. Dave
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Welcome from the Westside of the State

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Welcome all!  :beercheer:

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