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Howdy Mike...... I'm from B'ham orig..  Omak last 8 yrs...   Dave

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Hello, my name is Jim, We moved to Summit View in 1953.I was 10 years old. I and my 2 brothers live on the land that my father bought at that time. I am dada to seven and papa to twenty two.I love to cook over fire and smoke. Up to this time I have done so in the grill/barbecue mode. Yesterday I ordered my first smoker, a smokin-it 3. Hope to see delivery this coming week. I enjoy summer outdoor cooking for my large family. I look forward to smokin 3 success in the near future and will contribute as I succede and learn.HHHMMMM, Bring on the brisket

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Welcome Jimmy.....  Dave

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Thankyou Dave

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Welcome Jimmy!!!

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Welcome Jimmy.

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My name is josh, ive lm a military brat and have lived in Wa since 1998. I consider Wa to be my second home (only to chicago). I work for the state i love being outside fishing on the water up in the mountains...
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Josh, morning and welcome to the forum......  Glad you stopped in....  Check this thread out, for the gathering coming up in August....  





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Welcome Josh, Its always good to see another fellow Washingtonian among the ranks.

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Hello! My name is Tim, here in Covington, WA. I am still a newbie, smoking in a Little Chief and a homemade cold smoker that I use to smoke homemade bacon and mozzarella cheese. Two sons, 21 and 15 respectively, a lovely wife and a Jack Russell Terrier named Sparky. I am working to branch out and make some new items, sausage, etc this year and I am currently looking or good smoking recipes for Albacore tuna as I will be going tuna fishing in 2-1/2 weeks. Looking forward to sharing and getting new recipes with everyone!

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Tim, morning and welcome to the forum...  Many recipes on here to choose from...  Albacore is a great fish...   I fished off Oregon many times for Alby's...  Bbq'd, canned..... it's delish....   enjoy the forum.....   There is a gathering in August for folks around here...    PM Mike Johnson....  he'll fill you in on the details......  



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Welcome. This is a great site I am sure that you can learn a lot from here. As Dave said there is a get together coming up in August. Hoping to see a lot of folks there.



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Hello Washingtonians.

My name is Rich and I have been a member of the forum for over a year.

Guess I need to read more of it, did not know there was this group.

Been smokin for a little over three years.

I started with a propane vertical, grew out of that real fast, now I have a BTML, who knows what I'll get next.

My eyes are bigger then my wallet, I am just having a good time with it all.

Looks like I have good company here in this state.

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Rich, welcome to the Washington Group....  there is a get together in a few weeks.....   PM Mike Johnson for the details.....     


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Welcome Rich! I am new to this forum as well, but a ton of information here to see and use. Enjoy!

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Hi all,

Don here in Black Diamond.

New to the group and forum. Love smoking and cooking in general.

Hope to learn a lot here. Really want to start making some sausages.

I do make my own cheese, Mozzarella, Caerphilly, Wensleydale, etc.

I've smoked a ton of salmon and steelhead in my Big Chief, ribs, brisket, and pork in my GOSM (although it is usually to hot)(I will be modding this one)

Just got a new Traeger Lil' Tex Elite and I'm chomping at the bit to put it to use.

Retired after putting way too many years in at Boeing. Two years now.  Love fishing maybe even more than cooking.

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Don, evening and welcome to the Washington group....    I drove through Black Diamond many times.... Nice little berg if it hasn't gown up too much... last drive through there was in '95....



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My name is Kevin.  Born and raised in Lacey.  Now I live in Tacoma with my wife and 2 girls.  I'm fairly new to the whole smoking deal.  I was given 2 separate grilling and smoking classes for Father's Day last year to Seattle Grilling School.  After learning in those 2 classes, I built myself a UDS.


Thanks in advance.



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Welcome to the group, tell me more about this Seattle Grilling School it sounds interesting .
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