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New Old Guy.....

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I've been around these parts for going on 5 years now... I don't do much smoking monthly but I get a few good burns in a year... 


I just can't seem to remember my username/password combo from my old account and I can't locate the forget username/password link anywhere so I made a new account... Hopefully, I'll remember it for next time :)


Anywho, I'm in Columbus, Ohio and smoke 6-10 times a year... I have an off set Brinkmen where I use charcoal as my main heat source... I normally smoke with Hickory Wood chunks that I can find at Home Depot/Lowes, etc. 


My main courses are Turkey, Ham, Briskett and Pulled Pork...

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Carter, morning and welcome back.......  Dave

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welcome1.gif back to SMF!!! We're happy your back!

If you want want to use your original user name you could send a PM to one of our Admins with the email address you used when you set up the account and they could probably find it for you. I'm just guessing at this because I haven't run across this issue before but it's worth a try.








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Ohh, its all good :) I'll start fresh, as I said I don't get to do much cooking so I wasn't always on here and never made a name for myself..


Placed the Bird and Ham in the smoker at 9 AM and letting the thin Blue Smoke take over..... Fire holding steady for the 1st hour at 250...


I have a feeling its going to be a good day!!


Also, once the main course is finished, I'll be smoke drying almost 2 pounds of Habanero and Jalapeno peppers tonight!

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