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First Brisket of the year

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Gotta love the WSM.  Looks good.  How did it taste?  th_wsmsmile0ly.gif

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It was amazing but did make a noob mistake; it was the first time i used the new rub and assumed it had salt in it as well so i went really lite on the salt.  Now for my wife and i that is no big deal we don't really use salt but with smoked meat it felt like a gap / missing.


The WSM 22 is such a fuel hog and i had to add beyond the 150 pieces the Weber manual suggested; i really need to look at using better char; anyone have any suggestions on char?





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Nice job..

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Brisket looks good.  What kind of charcoal are you using?

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i used regular kingsford but read on the forum that i should start using kingsford competition but that was mainly due to fillers.  I am looking for something that perhaps burns a little slower!  

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That looks GREAT!!!


Can't wait to try one for myself..

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